Chylack Incorporated

Created in 2009 by Leo T. Chylack, Jr., M.D. via an exclusive license with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, Chylack Inc. seeks to promote understanding of, and training in, the Lens Opacities Classification Systems II and III (LOCS II and LOCS III) for grading the class and severity of human cataract.  

    In both academic and commercial scenarios, Chylack Inc. can advise the individual clinician, institution, or company about the application of LOCS for ongoing and/or potential research projects.

    When collaborating on a study, Chylack Inc. does not typically work through CROs or procurement entities. Should your sponsor wish to use LOCS III, we would work directly with them to execute a LOCS III license subscription that specified the study, the sponsor, the term of the license, the number of users, and the expected schedule for Certification and Recertification. Once initiated, a specified number of users would be trained and certified in LOCS III grading and each would maintain that certification for the duration of the study. Training and testing is conducted via a Webex interface available 24/7. Expectations for the training and testing protocols are outlined specifically in the LOCS III license subscription.

    When certified graders perform LOCS grading, a sponsor may confirm for the FDA that their study results have been validated by LOCS. Without officially certifying your graders, LOCS may not be listed as a validation method.

   As you discuss next steps with your team, please note that the LOCS standards are under copyright and may not be copied, scanned, or reproduced in any way, via any technology. The LOCS III standard may not be posted on a network or stored in any digital capacity. It also may not be resold for profit. It is important to make this clear to all study team members in advance of a study's initiation.

    Please contact us if you would like to discuss how LOCS can address your research goals, or if you are interested in initiating a license for training and certification. We look forward to working with you.
  • Web-based LOCS II and LOCS III Training and Certification via project-specific licenses

  • Consulting on the use of LOCS grading and in the interpretation of results

  • Exclusive supplier of the
    LOCS II and LOCS III Standard Transparencies

  • General ophthalmological consultation