LOCS III Standard Transparency Set:

Price per set: $1,000 USD, plus shipping and handling.

As you consider next steps, please note that the LOCS standards are under copyright and may not be copied, scanned, or reproduced in any way, via any technology. The LOCS III Standard may not be posted on a network or stored in any digital capacity. Also, they may not be resold for profit. It is important to make this clear to all study team members in advance of a study's initiation.

When placing an order for the LOCS Standard, please indicate how many sets you need and assume the following shipping and handling fees will be added to the total on your invoice:

  1. For shipment of 1-5 sets via FedEx within the US we will add a handling charge of $60.00 USD.

  2. For orders of five-ten (6-10) sets to be shipped within the US, there will be a handling charge (see below) and actual shipping charges added to the total amount invoiced.

  3. For orders to be shipped outside of the US, there will be a handling charge based on the number of sets ordered (see below) and actual shipping costs added to the invoiced amount.

  4. If a customer wants to use a corporate FedEx account number (or the account number of another courier) to pay for shipping expenses, we will not include those charges on the invoice.

  5. We have these materials in stock. An electronic invoice will be sent to you via email when the order is placed.

  6. All invoices must be paid in advance with either a wire transfer, a check from a US bank, or a check from the American branch of a foreign bank. Checks should be made payable to:

    Chylack Incorporated
    883 Fearrington Post
    Pittsboro, NC 27312
  7. Should you wish to wire payment, any and all duty or transfer fees should be anticipated in advance and added to the total paid, not deducted from the amount invoiced.

  8. We do not accept credit card orders.

  9. Upon receipt of payment, materials will be shipped immediately.

Handling Charges:
     For orders of 1 - 5 sets, the handling charge will be:        $  60 USD
     For orders of 6 -10 sets, the handling charge will be:       $  75 USD
     For orders of 11- 20 sets, the handling charge will be:    $ 100 USD
     For orders of 21- 40 sets, the handling charge will be:    $ 150 USD
     For orders of 41- 60 sets, the handling charge will be:    $ 200 USD
     For orders of 61- 80 sets, the handling charge will be:    $ 250 USD
     For orders of 81-100 sets, the handling charge will be:   $ 300 USD

If you have any questions, please contact us.